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Manish Sharma has been mentoring the people for last 20 years. He is a keynote speaker on soft skills , communication skills and Individuality development . He fascilitates meditation programmes along with stress management workshops. Having a vast experience with strong spritual and literary background , Manish Sharma is able to touch the hearts of the people with his words. He has his unique insight on different issues regarding life, career , communication , power of imagination and spritualism. In last 20 years Manish Sharma has trained thousands of students and professionals through his workshops , lectures and training programmes. He has been invited for Meditation Workshops and Motivational Seminars in various corporate houses , educational institutions and social groups. His stress management workshops are appreciated by senior medical practitioner also.


Manish Sharma provides corporate as well as personal development training.According to the need of clients,Manish shama offers different packages like..

Stress Management

In this program, Manish shama will lead you to handle the inevitable stress of your personal as well as professional life.

Motivational Speaker

In this program, Manish shama provides the ways to overcome hardships when you face them in life.

Meditation Facilitator

In this program, Manish shama enables you to realise your potential through divine way of meditation

Soft Skills And Communication Services


about me

     Manish Sharma is a well renowned motivational speaker who has established himself in a unique style of his approach towards positive aspects of life.His unique way is combination of profound thinking as well as practical work towards generating optimistic qualities in individuals.

    He is determined to do his best in present stressful environment to give sigh of relief,pleasure,trenquility and calmness. He is creating an atmosphere arounfd him in which one can develop potentiality.

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